Sunday, May 24, 2009

sons surgey

well, alot has happened in a few weeks. Ive been in Idaho caching 200 crappie in a few hours, delayed in denver eating rocky mountain oysters, and most of all missing my wife and son. My son just had a major surgery (cleft palate). Ive been down, but just seen a movie wich has made me cry more than ever....Me and Marley. crying is a wierd thing, its not manly, not something to feel happy about.....but damn it feels great. Ive never been great with my emotions, woud rather just crawl in a corner and forgrt everything, but i know i have to work on it. I guess i can say that no matter where your at or where youve been, you will always want to be with the ones who love you the most. I would love to be with all of you, but my wife and son awaits!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A day in the office!

So my flight chief (my boss) left for idaho today, and i will be there sunday!! He left me in charge and i never realized how much work goes into his job? Me bieng a hands on non computer working crew chief had to jump numerous herdles to get a bunch of people from one place to another. It got me very interested in the logistics of shipping a bunch of people/equipment/jets to another location. I guess its a life lesson, that teaches you matter how well you know your job, one day you may be tasked to do another job, so always lean foreward and antisipate what may lie ahead, because it may make a world of difference